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Snogs and R-Pats

By July 6, 2010News

Did you know that Tuesday 6th July was National Kissing Day?  If so, you’re not alone, as the fourteen lovely ladies and two young gentleman that we approached in the street outside Boriswatch HQ with this information also didn’t know.  (If you’re reading, PC Jones of the Met, we haven’t breached the restraining orders).

Anyway, to celebrate this most puckerous of days, Madame Tussauds have revealed who their most (and least) kissed waxworks are.

You’ll not be surprised to know that the Twilight heaththrob Robert ‘R-Pats’ Pattinson is the most kissed waxwork, closely followed by Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.  Dame Helen Mirren is in third place.

Fourth place?  Is it Beckham, Depp or Clooney?  No – it’s our very own Bozza.  Apparently, the Mayor is deemed more kissable by the general public than the England international footballer or the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.  Kissing is a problem for the Tussauds, staff, it seems.  PR Manager, Liz Edwards, said that “Our studio team are on a constant clean-up mission where some celebrities are concerned…..” (*insert your own gag here*)

The least popular stars to sneak a peck with are, apparently, Fabio Capello, Wayne Rooney and John Terry. Tiger Woods was also a turn-off (a man so randy that I bet even his waxwork would come on to you if you showed any interest) as were ‘comic’ (really? – Boriswatch Ed) James Corden and ‘model’ Katie Price.

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