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Reinventing the wheel

By December 31, 2007Mayor, Site News

An email has flooded in to Boriswatch Towers, asking why the site isn’t covering every aspect of Boris’s Mayoral viewpoints, policy decisions and so on.
Well, I gave it a go. In fact, I wrote several pieces that could have appeared on Boriswatch, listing all the happenings, occurances and occasions that had happened in the few days since the previous posting. But then it dawned on me that I was reinventing the wheel! There are full-time bloggers that are covering most of the announcements with stonking alacrity, so much so that my reference to them hours later seemed more of an afterthought.
Sure, Boriswatch will report and comment on the big Boris news of the moment. Hell, it’s been a forfront of Boris news since the day it was conceived over a hot chocolate, late one frosty afternoon. It will still cover the quirky stories, it will still be a fine source of news on all things Boris. And T-Shirts, mugs and thongs! But with the Mayoral campaign just about to kick off, make sure you also browse the following fine sites for your political punditry:

So, a very happy New Year to all Boriswatch readers – and see you in 2008, Boris’s Big Year!

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