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BJ, AB, JLS Open M&M

By July 7, 2011News

In popular beat combo JLS’ most recent chart hit Eyes Wide Shut, the band include the following line: “If I could rearrange the alphabet, it would be U, I, JLS B A to J F K L A X.’

Now, ignoring the fact that such a rearrangement would mean that the alphabet had two ‘a’s and two ‘j’s, it also doesn’t make much sense. Mind you, it perhaps made more sense than the confusing alphabetti soup that occurred in Leicester Square last week with the opening of the brand new M&M store.

JLS were joined by singer Alexander Burke and Mayor BJ for the opening of the four storey M&M shop; the first of its kind in Europe. JLS, BJ and AB were snapped outside the M&M S on LS – a ‘totally new shopping experience’ according to Susan Saldeman of Mars (presumably that’s where she works, not where she comes from).

After JLS had performed, singer Marvin Humes (or JLS’ MH as he’s probably known, for the purposes of keeping this slightly lame acronym pun going) said, hilariously, “We are literally kids in a candy shop.”

MBJ said the M&Ms store was ‘STBOOTCTA’.


*‘sure to become one of the capital’s tastiest attractions’

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