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Diverting at the Swan and Sugar Loaf

By July 17, 2011News

Overseeing multi billion infrastructure improvements to London.  Writing transport policies that will affect generations.  Organising the 2012 Olympic Games.  Contributing to his party’s position on subjects as widespread as foreign policy and taxation.

Yes, the responsibilities weigh heavily on the shoulders of the Mayor of London.  Boris has plenty to keep him awake at night with a multi billion pound economy and eight million people to look after.

Now, though, comes an issue that we at Boriswatch HQ worry could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  Bozza has got enough on his plate to deal with without major issues of this sort being added to his already heavy workload.

The Croydon Advertiser has reported this week that local London Assembly member Murad Qureshi is taking up a local campaign to persuade Transport for London (TfL) not to amalgamate the 312 and 412 bus services.

The TfL proposals involve withdrawing the 412 route, which serves Purley, Sanderstead and Selsdon (GASP!). The 312 route, which runs from the bus garage to Norwood Junction via East Croydon station, would no longer serve the garage. (SCANDAL!) Instead, it would divert on the journey from Norwood Junction at the Swan and Sugar Loaf pub in South Croydon (NEVER!) and follow the 412 route to Sanderstead, Selsdon and then on to Purley. (WHAT MERRY HELL IS THIS?)

Local residents have asked TfL to rethink the plans, supported by Mr Qureshi. Boris has confirmed that the requests are being considered and that residents would be informed ‘once a decision is made’.

There are few people out there that could take on this level of responsibility. Boris – we salute you.

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