The Dream of Rome(2006)


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Seventy-Two Virgins(2004)

Lend Me Your Ears

Even if you weren’t an ardent fan of Boris this book, his first novel, would warm your cockles aplenty. To those who are fully Boris-conscious, it is a masterpiece of comic writing, intertwined with insightful observations and breathtaking “Johnsonian” commentary.
The plot revolves around a bicycling MP who seems a bit hapless, but basically a decent sort of chap (Any takers on who this could be?); Islamic terrorists; a stolen ambulance and a speech by the President of the United States in Westminster Hall. How on earth the plot mixes all this into one novel will become clear when you read it. A little repeated facet of this book is that all 250 pages take place within three hours – a literary example of Boris’s legendary bluff and bluster. However, that’s not to say it “goes on a bit” – it’s infinitely readable, and will take a small nuclear explosion to distract you from its pages.
Provided you have the capacity to take the fine man seriously, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this very special novel.

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Lend Me Your Ears(2003)

Lend Me Your Ears

Boris’s second book it a more serious affair than the last, but this is where Boris gets down to business. His intelligent and witty remarks that so often appear in the media take second place to the serious political side of Boris in this gargantuan tome (the hardback edition indulges the reader with 532 pages of delight). The fact that it is a thouroughly enjoyable read is no surprise; but that Boris has such well thought out and coherent views on a wide range of topics will come as a shock to casual Boris followers, who will be more used to the bumbling, self-effacing figure normally seen. A good read.

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Friends, Voters, Countrymen(2002)

Friends, Voters, Countrymen

Boris at his enjoyable best, both fascinating and engrossing – and as the Daily Mail says, “ideal for reading in the bath”. “Friends, Voters, Countrymen” charts Boris’s rise and rise in the world of politics, from humiliating failure in Clwyd South to glorious victory in Henley-upon-Thames. Many amusing episodes show Boris likes nothing more than mixing with his voters, and flicking through the book you can’t help but warm to his endearingly bumbling persona. Even if you don’t agree with Boris’s politics, you can’t help but enjoy this book!

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Johnson’s Column
The first collection of Boris’s writings – now enveloped, superceded and bulked out by “Friends, Voters, Countrymen”.

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