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No-VAT Djokovic

By July 6, 2011News

Apparently, Britain’s Scotland’s Andy Murray would have won Wimbledon this year had he not faced the prospect of paying more income tax than any of the other semi-finalists.

That’s the conclusion drawn by leading sports psychologist Boris Johnson in his Daily Telegraph column this week.  The reason that Novak Djokovic triumphed is that he only pays a mere 20 per cent tax on his winnings. “No wonder he strains and trains. No wonder he fixes the ball with that implacable hawklike gaze, and chases shots that a lesser player would regard as hopeless,” remarked the Mayor.

Of course, it could be because Djokovic is by far the best player in world tennis this year and Andy Murray – whilst a great player – simply can’t match the quality and tenacity of the world’s top three players. Or, of course, it could be that he can’t be bothered to win as 50 per cent of the £1.1million prize goes to the taxman.

Coach Boris continued: “I am not for a second suggesting that money is the most important incentive for a great tennis player. No doubt there are more powerful imperatives: the lust for fame and glory and the hope of bringing honour to your country. And we must be realistic, and accept that Britain was not notably better at producing Wimbledon champions when our taxes were lower. But don’t forget that these guys are professionals….”

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