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The M25 of Railways

By March 1, 2011News

One of the major problems that has perplexed the staff here at Boriswatch Towers for years is this: “Just how can we get from Islington to Croydon easily, without having to travel through Central London?”

Well, we can now move on to solving humanity’s more pressing problems as our travel dilemma has been solved. This week, Bozza opened the new East London Line extension which links Highbury and Islington to Dalston Junction, meaning you can easily get to Canary Wharf and West Croydon without having to go through the capital’s centre.

The new line will “make it vastly easier for millions of Londoners to whiz from one side of the city to anotherâ€? said the Mayor, before referring to the line as the “M25 of railways'”

The M25 of railways, eh? Hardly effusive praise, is it? It’s like saying something is the ‘Royal Mail of prompt letter delivery’ or the ‘Mini Metro of small cars’.

Still, we think we know what the Mayor was getting at, in that the railway is designed to provide orbital links between bits of London. I suppose that when it takes hours to get from A to B and you sit behind other trains for hours on end, we’ll truly know it’s lived up to Boris’ billing….

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