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Slam Dunk

By February 26, 2011News

Basketball is one of those daft sports that only the Americans could invent. Big burly fellas strolling around bouncing an oversized ball whilst sporting the sort of vest your grandpa would wear on Skegness beach.

And, being an American sport, their teams play each other about 400 times every year, before a complicated play-off system and finals leads to a two day break before they scrap over which new players to sign and the whole merry-go-round begins again. So, hosting a couple of NBA matches in London isn’t a big deal for them – although it is more of a big deal for Boris who got to show off his basketball skills this week (i.e. none).

Boris said: “The NBA returning to the capital is fantastic news. I am committed to the 2012 Games leaving a genuine legacy of increased participation in sport, especially amongst young people.

“The NBA has generated enormous excitement from all its games in London and giving youngsters the chance to hone their skills with its basketball week will help us towards the slam dunk we are aiming for.”

Oh dear. He clearly knows one basketball term, doesn’t he? Anyway – if you’re into this glorified netball nonsense, there are lots of events going on in London this week before the Nets play the Raptors (it sounds like something from Harry Potter) at the O2 on Friday and Saturday.

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