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By September 21, 2010News

There’s an old practical joke you can play if you’re travelling through the City of London on the Tube during rush hour in the morning.  On a packed train, pretend that your mobile telephone is ringing, and begin a conversation.  Then, you appear gradually more distraught until you start using words such as “sell” and “now”.  Start yelling “sell everything!” at the top of your voice and then sit there looking visibly shaken.

Everyone else on the train will poke and prod their mobile phones looking ever more agitated about the fact that they can’t get a signal and wondering how many billions have been wiped off their portfolio whilst on their commute….

However, if you’re planning to try this prank, you’ll have to be quick.  It has emerged this week that Bozza is in advanced talks with the UK’s five major mobile phone networks to install mobile coverage on the London Underground in time for the Olympics in 2012.

While it is technically possible to install network equipment in the deep-level underground tunnels and stations, project costs have so far proved prohibitively high. City Hall were keen to stress that the costs of such an installation would be met by the mobile providers and that passengers or taxpayers wouldn’t pay a penny.

The GLA said that finding a solution “remains dependent on the market providing a credible proposal that satisfies both technical and commercial considerations�. (Translated: The solution is dependent on the mobile companies footing the bill.)

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