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Mayor Academy

By September 24, 2010News

Do you want to learn how to become a Mayor?

If so, you’re in luck.  Boris opened the first of his Mayoral Academies this week – educational institutions designed to provide all the skills and expertise you will need to become your local Mayor.

With David Cameron’s Big Society encouraging local people to get involved in local politics, the demand for mayors is set to skyrocket over the next few years.  Thankfully, Bozza saw this coming and, with the help of GLA funding, has opened the Aylward Academy in Enfield.

Mr Johnson said he would “make sure every student coming from Aylward Academy has access to training or to a job”.

“That’s a guarantee,” he added.

Wow. So, if you manage to secure a place at Aylward Academy, you can guarantee yourself a job as an elected public servant. Perhaps Ken Livingstone or Brian Paddick should see if they can get a place….?

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