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Boris meets Sherlock

By September 17, 2010News

A man elected to his revered office, worshipped by millions, no stranger to controversy and with one or two slightly right wing views.  And, what’s more, he got to meet the Pope this week!

Yes, that picture you see is of Bozza in conversation with Pope Benedict of Cumberbatch in London during the Papal visit to the UK.  We’re not privy to the conversation that Boris had with Mr Cumberbatch, but, if we at Boriswatch Towers had to guess, we expect it had something to do with religion or the bible or the baby Jesus, innit.

Mind you, Bozza is hardly a devout Catholic, as this statement from his office today confirmed (confirmed! Get it? – Boriswatch Joke Writer)

“Boris was baptised Catholic but was not confirmed and is not practising. He told Italian radio this morning that he disagreed with many of the Pope’s views but feels he has very interesting and important things to say about modern life and the secularisation of society.”

During the meeting between Johnson and the Sherlock actor, BoJo gave his esteemed guest three books as gifts, including a copy of his own historical book The Dream of Rome. Reports that Bozza’s guest responded in kind by giving the Mayor a DVD copy of his well-received 2006 comedy Starter for Ten are unconfirmed….

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    Funnily enough, the message that Boris issued the other week, pre-empted the Pope’s message. Think of others, do some voluntary work, be less selfish.

    If you took a picture of Boris’s face and put it next to the Pope’s,. his face is much kinder and more forgiving than the Pope’s. I’m just saying.

    ps. The RCC has done dreadful things and the things they believe in, re. gay ppl, women, child abusers, are abominations, but the spirituality should be respected.

    pps. I am worried for you. Your site is attracting attention, in time of the Mayoral contest, you might get beaten up. Have you considered shutting down for a while, for safety’s sake? I am only thinking of you! I would be happy to fill in for you, you know, keep things ticking over in your absence. You are tired, probably need to be put out to grass, I mean have a nice rest.

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