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Savage Cuts Hit City Hall

By July 17, 2010News

It appears that no-one is going to escape from these Harsh Spending Cuts.

Whilst we at Boriswatch Towers are bracing ourselves for losing our local neighbourhood bobby and having our bins collected once every eight weeks, it seems that not even the great and good are exempt from slashing cuts to their departmental budgets.

The Mayor, for example, has been forced to move himself and his whole team into a brand new office. The Government can’t afford the rent on City Hall any longer, and so the whole Mayoral team have been given this office, complete with attractive matching chairs and desks. Early reports say that Boris has been granted leave to claim for a giant stepladder on expenses, as his is the yellow chair towards the top of the new office.

And, in another cost cutting measure, Joanna Lumley is going to be the Mayor’s assistant. This saves taxpayers cash as she can both campaign on behalf of the Gurkhas and type Boris’ correspondence. Multitasking, you see. It’s why we only really need one Miliband, and not two….

[I think you will find that this is the launch of the London Re-Use Network – an attempt to encourage Londoners to reuse and recycle furniture rather than throw it away – Boriswatch Ed]


“We throw away 65,000 tonnes of perfectly useable furniture and white goods,” says James Cleverly AM, chair of the London Waste and Recycling Board. “Typically they go to landfill. They can be made good again. Often small repairs can turn your unwanted item into someone else’s treasured possession. And that’s what we’re doing.

“We’re not only preventing landfill, we’re providing opportunity for young people to use skills in repair – an art that we seem to have lost recently – and we’re putting these things back into useful public use.”

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