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By July 6, 2010News

Boris was at the million strong London Pride event this weekend and it seems that the Mayor is in tune with 61% of the British population on this issue of same-sex marriage.

BoJo was responding to a placard displayed by prominent gay rights activist Peter Tatchell, which read: “Dave & Sam Cameron can marry, gays can’t. End the ban on gay marriage.�

The Mayor took a look at the placard and said: “Why not?�

Mr Tatchell then asked:“So you are in favour of same-sex marriage?�

“Yes, I don’t see why not,â€? replied Mr Johnson. Pressed further, the Mayor added: “Fair enough, the ban should go.â€?

When the gay rights campaigner reminded Boris that that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government does not support same-sex marriage, Mr Johnson replied: “Well, they should.�

“If the Conservatives and Liberals can get together in a national coalition and settle their differences, I don’t see why you can’t have gay marriage,â€? the Mayor then told Mr Tatchell.

And he added: “If a gay couple want to get married in a registry office, why shouldn’t they?â€?

Bozza is the first senior Tory politician to endorse the campaign, supported by almost two thirds of the electorate (according to a June 2009 survey). Whether it is something that will now appear on the agenda, or whether Bozza will be hauled in front of the Conservative Party and dressed down, only time will tell….


  • angelneptunestar says:

    I would like gay couples to be free to get married in church if they want to. It is wrong, if two people love each other that they are not allowed to marry in the eyes of God. In the Bible, it says that if you are gay, you should be killed. However, it also says you should be killed for the following crimes: fortune telling, not listening to a priest, cursing your father, working on the Sabbath, adultery, to name but a few.

    Why pick on poor gay people and only believe that is wrong?

  • j.hindmoor says:

    I can hardly believe that Boris Johnson didnt have his tongue in his mouth when he commented on

    gay ‘marriages’

    If this line of behaviour is normal then why did Noah bother with his Ark where everything went two by two?

    I’ll tell you why …because if he had’nt neither the humans or flower and fauna would be inhabiting the earth

    by now…. Well done Noah!!!!

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