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Is Fatboy Slim A DJ?

By May 20, 2010News

Now then.  We at Boriswatch HQ have encountered some things in our time (and that doesn’t include the time we ambled into the wrong nightclub on our fact-finding mission to Bangkok).  Perhaps the strangest thing we have ever come across was the sight of the Mayor of London engaging Peggy Mitchell in conversation at the bar of the Queen Vic in Walford – at least until we were handed the keys to this little beauty.

Boris is, and there’s no easy way of making this less unlikely than it is – set to top the charts on a rap record.

(I know, I know.  I did say that it was unlikely, and no, it isn’t April 1st).

The story is wonderfully told on the website of the brains behind this collaboration, 2 Anonymous DJs:

A few years ago, 2 Anonymous DJs and their friend Jim were sat in a pub. The DJs were looking for a new vocalist for a track they had just written. Jim jokingly suggested that they should contact Boris Johnson to see if he would like to be on their record. They joked about the potential for a while, then moved on to other matters.

A fortnight later, the DJs were in the office of their record label and noticed they had received an important looking letter. Unbeknownst to them, Jim had written to Boris to ask him if he would be interested in getting involved. Needless to say, his response was “Dear chaps, I’d be delighted!�. 2 Anonymous DJs were astounded, and confused. But they thought their friend had coaxed them into a position that was too much fun to refuse.

And so it was, a few months later the DJs arrived in a West London studio, sleep-deprived from the previous night’s gig in eastern Europe, to meet the man who was soon to become London Mayor. For an hour he spoke with Jim about his life and his work. The DJs whisked the recording back to their studio where they proceeded to work upon creating their fun masterpiece.

However, soon after this Jim was diagnosed with cancer and so the project was shelved while he underwent treatment for almost two years. Unfortunately this was not successful and he died in 2007 aged 33. One of the last things he did before getting ill was to organise Oscar® winning animation studio Aardman Animations (where he had been working) to create a video for the project. And they made something that perfectly reflects the fun nature of the song.

And so, several years later than planned, we’re proud to release this single as a tribute to Jim. You’ll see him in the video, and you’ll hear his voice at the end of the track. And we’d love it if you’d consider donating a few pounds to Macmillan Cancer Support by clicking here.

You can hear some clips from the brilliant record Is Fatboy Slim A DJ? here, including a nice Ping Pong Wiff Waff mix, and a Night-Mayor remix.

Boris Johnson vs 2 Anonymous DJs – Is Fatboy Slim a DJ? [AUDIO SAMPLES] by Boris Johnson vs 2AnonDJs

The video will be released on Monday 25th May (we’ll bring that to you as soon as we can) and you’ll be able to buy the song from 14th June.

For more information head over to the site at

*lies down*


  • What a lovely idea? This is bound to top the charts. There will obviously be a follow up, could you suggest that Boris sings Barry White next time? Obviously Boris will not know who Barry is, but you could explain? The Mayor has a deep voice, and he could probably drop an octave, so Barry White would be perfect for him. Barry goes in for a lot of deep growling and double entendres, perfect. I love Barry White!

    As for David Cameron, maybe a bit of Julio Inglesias? The flashing teeth, the so sincere gaze deep into the eyes of his audience….

    Nick Clegg could give us some NSync! there’s a song they sing called “It’s Gonna Be Me!”

    As for Ed Balls, haha a rousing version of “I am the Antichrist” by the Sex Pistols. Or that one, “I am the Fire Starter” by the Prodigy.

    I can’t possibly imagine David Miliband singing any song that has any relevance to today. His best choice is probably “Itsey Bitsey Spider.”. Did that poor couple, the Chandlers ever escape by the way, or are they still in captivity. He is USELESS.
    .-= angelneptunestar´s last blog ..THE ROUTEMASTER – THE PICASSO OF BUSES =-.

  • Karen c says:

    Boris is ace. This is ace. 🙂

  • James says:

    Wonderful – looking forward to the full video

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