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A Twitter pill

By April 21, 2010News

We, at Boriswatch HQ, do like reading pointless research undertaken by actual  professional University people, presumably thanks to huge grants from business.

The latest ridiculous but brilliant survey to come out of Edinburgh University has looked at a number of celebrity postings on Twitter, to see how happy the Tweeters are.

Apparently, Shaquille O’Neal (he is a basketball person, apparently) is the happiest Tweeter, whilst Snoop Dogg (he is a dog, apparently) is the least happy.

This was all done completely scientifically by using a computer programme to analyse word patterns to pinpoint underlying emotions and work out their relative happiness.

Lance Armstrong and Jonathan Ross make up the other gleeful Tweeters, whilst our own Boris was found to be one of the grumpiest. This seems a little harsh, especially as Bozza gave a very chirpy ‘Happy Birthday’ message to Her Majesty on Twitter only this week.

Spokesman Ed Cochrane, said: “We hope this type of analysis will shed light on the emotions involved in social situations, helping to shape policy for the better.”

“I can’t believe I get paid to come up with this stuff”, he didn’t add.

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    This research has to be flawed. Boris grumpy? He is relentlessly upbeat and positive, he smiles all the time. Jonathan Ross gleeful? His mother in law used to work for me and I can tell you OH NO!

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