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Media driven nonsense

By April 20, 2010News

Despite the fact that Nick Clegg is suddenly more popular than fish and chips, we’ve found a man who isn’t Cleggy’s biggest fan.

Boris, in his Daily Telegraph column, was less than complimentary about either Clegg or his party.  There are no punches pulled here….

“I am certain that the Tories will win, and that the current fantasy of a Liberal Democrat resurgence is the biggest load of media-driven nonsense since the funeral of Diana.

“What has happened to us all, when serious papers can start raving about “Prime Minister Clegg”? Has someone put something in the water supply? Has some sulphur yellow cloud descended imperceptibly from Iceland and addled our brains? These are Lib Dems we are talking about! They say anything to anyone. They are not so much two-faced as positively polycephalous….”

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