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By April 13, 2010News

With all the General Election brouhaha dominating the headlines, it is sometimes easy to forget that it actually has very little to do with Boris, this time around.

The Mayor is in situ until 2012 and doesn’t have a Westminster seat to fight.  However, as one of the Conservative Party’s most recognisable figures, is it about time for Bozza to step in and start inspiring the British electorate to vote Tory?

Charles Moore, the Daily Telegraph journalist, certainly thinks so, especially amongst youth voters. Moore spoke to a group of students about the forthcoming General Election, and reported this: “My last question was to ask each student to name (unprompted) any current politician he/she admired. One mentioned Alistair Darling, one Vince Cable and a third Ed Balls (I must admit that I gasped). But the favourite by miles was Boris Johnson.”

Sarah Sands in the London Evening Standard agrees. BoJo “… the missing x-factor of the election. Cameron looks to William Hague for class balance and reliability. But he ignores the blond bombshell at his peril.”


  • I totally totally agree. If you are fighting a war, and you have the latest, most up to date, most lethal weapon in the world at your disposal, why stick it on the back burner?

    Here is an example. I have read that Brown and Cameron have avoided facing Paxo. Far from avoiding Paxo, Boris seems to relish the opportunity as a lion toys with a mouse, before gobbling it up. For him, it’s just a mild intellectual workout, nothing serious.

    The excuse I have read is “they fear that Boris will drop a gaffe!” FIDDLESTICKS AND BALDERDASH. They fear he will outshine them! Of course he will, that goes without saying, but that’s not his fault, is it?

    The leadership debates start tomorrow and I am sure Cameron will put in a good performance. However, if it were Boris taking part in the leadership debates, he would make mincemeat of them. The only trouble with Boris is it is so hard finding any opponent who poses any sort of threat at all.

    I have kept faith with DC and the party, I have supported DC because I dont want the Tories to lose, but my patience is running out. The Tory Party better wake up and get with the programme, instead of this suicide mission they seem hell bent on pursuing, and if they do muck it up, I will never ever, forgive them. My wrath will be terrible. Because they will have had the means for victory at their disposal, and out of stupid, pigheaded, selfish bloody mindedness, they failed to use those means.
    .-= angelneptunestar´s last blog ..POSTER FOR THE TORIES NUMBER 3 =-.

  • amandaanne says:

    What sicko named Ed Balls? I agree with the remarks about Boris one hundred percent. People love him.

  • softmutt says:

    I agree. Problem is, Boris is too bright for his party. Makes the rest look a bit dim. 🙂

  • antony says:

    Apparently, in the US, the winner of their leadership debates has invariably gone on to become President. Every single time. No possible pressure then. If Boris were taking part in the debates, he would destroy Brown and Clegg, no question.

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