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The odour of sanctity

By March 5, 2010News

It’s always an entertaining edition of Question Time when our Bozza is on the panel, and yesterday’s show was no exception. Not only was it (as ever) liberally sprinkled with lovely Boris witticisms, but it was made particularly watchable by Carol Vorderman looking like she’d had a few too many gin and tonics before the recording.

The ex Countdown star was scarily anti-politics, claiming at one point that Westminster were “getting their knickers in a hypocritical twist,� whilst pointing like a frightening and wizened old lady. Either she’d had a really bad journey to the venue, or someone had permed her hair too tightly as I don’t remember her being that grumpy with old Twice Nightly on Channel 4. Indeed, I was actually quite shocked that loveable Carol off of detox and maths appeared to be about as liberal as Norman Tebbitt.


My particular favourite Boris phrase from QT was “bathe in the odour of sanctity…â€? although his repeated early barking of the word “rhubarbâ€? was an interesting fruit-based interjection.  Bozza also confirmed that “all parties have taken money from non-domsâ€? and told fellow panellist Will Self that “of course you shouldn’t pity politicians!â€? Apparently, election debates will also “elucidate the vacuity of the heart of Labourâ€?. Whatever that means…..

He was so excitable that at one point, Dimbo had to ask him to ‘learn how to restrain himself’ shortly before the host grumbled that Bozza’s ‘exuberance was exhausting’.   Carol didn’t understand either of those words, mind – they both have more than nine letters….


  • amanda says:

    Dimbo is right. DD was an example of outstanding ignorance, and when Boris pointed to him and said Bullingdon Club, it was so funny. The Rhubarb remark was great, because Lord Adonis was talking through his hat or a ruder part of his anatomy. If David Dimbleby is impartial, I am an orang utan.

  • angela says:

    I just don’t know how the Mayor kept his cool in the face of such arrant provocation! As for the cheeky little madam (obviously a blatant plant) who had the nerve to say to Boris to stop waffling, when he had done nothing of the sort, I would have smacked her one. How dare she!

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