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Playful 24 carat rubbish

By March 4, 2010News

The deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe is, frankly, a bit miffed.

Iain Walker writes a blog for the Journal and this week his piece is entitled ‘Gridlocked London in Roadwork Hell’. He claims that ‘Almost every major thoroughfare seems to feature huge holes dug by workmen and endless orange and metal barriers’ and ‘At some points, buses struggle to make their way through the carnage.’

The point of his article, however, is that in his opinion Our Boris isn’t actually doing much about the problem. Well, that’s not strictly true, considering his plan to start a system where people digging up roads will need a permit but let’s not let facts cloud the issue, eh?

However, he is kinder about Bozza later in his article. “Boris Johnson is a marvelous writer. From a single thin thread, he can weave a beautiful tapestry for the reader. Sometimes you’ll get to the end of a Johnson column with a smile on your face thinking what a load of old rubbish. But you’re smiling because you know it’s hugely entertaining, clever, playful 24-carat rubbish.”

Playful 24-carat rubbish, eh? He *is* going to be PM after all, then….!

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