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The Forces of Countdown

By March 8, 2010News

I’m not sure Richard Whiteley would have stood for it.

Contestant: “I’ll have one from the top and five from anywhere else, please Carol.”

Carol: “Now you won’t.” *points finger* “You’ll have EXACTLY what I say….”

The Vorderman Question Time appearance debate rumbles on.  I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought she was quite frightening, as the Daily Mail (of all people) seem to agree.  The Mail makes the great point that the one actual Tory on the panel, our Boris, seemed to be distancing himself from Vorderman, even though she is a Conservative advisor.

The Mail actually calls here ‘the new Sarah Palin’ which is about as damning an association as you can think of.  Who does that make Boris?  The new Obama?  The new McCain?

Anyway, other parties must be thinking twice about getting well known TV personalities to back their campaign.  Unconfirmed reports say that Labour have changed their mind about sending William G Stewart and Lorraine Kelly to represent them on this week’s Question Time, whilst the BNP have dropped Ainsley Harriott.  (Eh?  Oh.)


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