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The Ground’s All Flat, And Beneath It Is The Bloke In The Bowler Hat

By January 11, 2010News

Where London leads, others follow.  The city has become the first in the UK today to agree a plan whereby road users will have to pay for a permit if they want to use roads being dug up by roadworks.

David Brown, Managing Director of Surface Transport, TfL, said: “Roadworks are a major contributor of traffic congestion in London – if they aren’t properly managed, they can cause huge frustration for everyone who uses the roads. The London Permit Scheme will allow TfL to better manage utility works on the major roads in London, helping to ensure greater co-ordination of works between contractors and reduce instances where the same section of road is repeatedly dug up.â€?

It will cost Londoners £5 per day if they want to use a road that is being dug up. The hope is that people will save the £5 and use alternative routes, reducing congestion on the roads being worked on.

Bozza said “This significant step shows London has got serious about dealing with the nonsensical situation of companies being able to simply turn up and dig without a care in the world for the consequences. It will… reduce disruption and Londoners frustration.”

The plan is expected to [Whoa, whoa, whoa – Boriswatch Ed.  I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, here.  Perhaps you should re-read the article?]

*hmmm. Peers over specs at news report*

“The capital’s roads will become the first in the country to operate a scheme where utility companies and other organisations will have to apply for permission first before digging them up.  Transport for London and 16 of the capital’s boroughs have officially launched a permit scheme that means any company digging holes without permission or breaking the conditions of their permit risks being fined. It is hoped the move will reduce the 300,000 holes dug in London’s roads each year by utility companies, by encouraging companies to work together.”

Oh.  I like my plan better….

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