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5/1 second favourite

By February 8, 2010News

Even though it doesn’t have much directly to do with Bozza, the General Election looms large.

According to that most reliable of political sources – the Daily Mirror – Gordon Brown has told Labour bosses to gear up for a snap election after a series of disastrous polls for the Tories. Six opinion polls have put the Tory lead over Labour at below 10 points – a shrinking margin which would leave Cameron short of a majority and mean a hung parliament.

There was another headache for Mr Cameron last night when bookies slashed the odds on an outright Tory victory. William Hill predicted that if the Tories under-achieved on polling day, Mr Cameron would face a swift challenge to his leadership from none other than, you’ve guessed it, London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The bookmakers have installed Bozza as the 5/1 second favourite to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party behind, strangely, William Hague. With George Osborne as third favourite, it appears to be officially the case that the four poshest men in Britain are vying for the position.

The Mirror would have a field day.


  • angelneptunestar says:

    William Hague is very clever, but he doesn’t have a very high public profile. Not like Boris, who is the most popular politician in the UK, (65,705 followers on twitter and he doesn’t even comment that much).

    Boris Johnson is also the most inspirational politician in this country. And also the US.

    Is William Hague posh though, thought he was a grammar school boy and worked his way up? George Osborne has many good points, but cannot possibly imagine him as a party leader.

  • dawn says:

    Wot! Boris below William Hague in the betting? Impossible. Nice man though Mr. Hague is, he totally doesn’t have Boris’s popular appeal and what it comes down to is being popular with the general public.

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