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Ice, Ice, Boris

By February 15, 2010News

As the last Olympic Games before London 2012 continues in Vancouver this week, Trafalgar Square has marked this fact by installing an ice sculpture of the five Olympic rings.

Visitors to central London will also be able to try their hand at winter sports such as bobsleigh, snowboarding and skiing.  Really?  I didn’t realise the weather in London had been that extreme….

[They haven’t built the Cresta Run down Charing Cross Road – the winter games are on video consoles stationed around the Square – Boriswatch Ed].

Bozza, presumably, likes a bit of Wii action (not a euphemism). “Whilst we can not bring the snowy slopes of Whistler to London, we are offering a fantastic day of interactive fun and competition to the heart of the host city for the next summer games.”


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