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19% of people don’t know who Gordon Brown is

By February 4, 2010News

We at Boriswatch HQ absolutely *love* these surveys.  You know the ones – they get a load of ‘average’ (ahem) British people and show them pictures of politicians to see if they recognise them.

Some of the results are as you”d expect.  Gordon Brown is the most recognised politician, with David Cameron in second place.  (There were still 19% of people that couldn’t match Gordo’s image with his name, though.)

Some of the other results, mind you, are hilarious.

For example, when shown a picture of Nick Clegg, 41% of people thought it was Peter Jones off of Dragon’s Den.  Only 27% actually spotted it was the Lib Dem leader.

One in three people thought that the leader of the BNP was Peter Griffin, the green-trousered anti-hero of TV animation Family Guy.  (Mind you, more people recognised Nick Griffin than Nick Clegg, which is either worrying or a sign to Clegg that he should spice up his policies a bit.)

And, more people recognised Celebrity Big Brother evictee Katia Ivanova than recognised secretary of state for Justice Jack Straw and home secretary Alan Johnson combined, with 61 per cent correctly identifying Ronnie Wood’s former flame compared to just 24 per cent and 18 per cent for the politicians respectively.

However, naturally, the ‘most popular’ of all our politicians was BoJo himself.  62% of respondents said they would like to go for a drink with our Bozza, compared to just 9% who’d like to go for a glass of 1945 Chateau Lafite pint with David Cameron.


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