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On the Buses

By January 14, 2010News

It’s a tough life being an Olympic official.  Not only are you showered with gifts by potential host nations for years at a time, but you have to suffer through large buffet lunches and fly all around the world to exotic locations before deciding which country you’d like to bankrupt next by awarding them the Olympic Games.

And now, Boris has urged all Olympic officials to make all ‘non-essential’ journeys in 2012 by public transport.  I bet IOC officials don’t even know what a ‘bus’ is.

At an Olympic Games, what journeys would an Olympic official be making that weren’t ‘non-essential’, do you suppose?  A trip to the beautiful new badminton centre Wembley Arena if they fancied watching a bit of Gail Emms on their day off, perhaps?

Anyway, Bozza has discussed this with none other than IOC president Jacques Rogge. IOC spokesman Mark Adams says Rogge will encourage people to use public transport “where appropriate.”

If that isn’t a “thanks for calling, Bozza! Now bugger off” response, I don’t know what is.

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