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The Good Life

By December 6, 2009News

BoJo has announced that good lifeLondoners are going to have access to a new £150,000 fund to grow fruit and vegetables on disused land in the city.

(We presume this means canal banks, schools and public gardens rather than trying to grow courgettes on a roundabout in the middle of the A4).

The £150,000 fund is part of the Capital Growth Scheme, which aims to create 2,012 growing spaces in disused parts of the city by 2012. “Lush patches of fruit and veg are springing up around the city thanks to Capital Growth,” said the Mayor. “This helps to make our urban environment far more pleasant and provides a cheap, fun way to grow food.”

Transport for London has signed up to the scheme by providing a brownfield site above Southwark Tube Station where residents from local flats will be able to grow their own food. If you do, therefore, encounter an blackcurrant bush or a row of butternut squash on a patch of land where you weren’t expecting it, this will be why….

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