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The Playing Fields of Eton

By December 7, 2009News

Boris Dave 1The Tories ‘privileged’ background refuses to go away amid speculation that Gordon Brown and the Labour Party are likely to wage a ‘class war’ in the run up to the next General Election.

Brown suggested last week that Conservative proposals for raising the threshold for inheritance tax to £1 million were “dreamed up on the playing fields of Etonâ€?, an assertion which is increasingly riling senior Tories. Thirteen of the Shadow Cabinet were privately educated, a fact that is strangely absent from their biographies on the party’s website. Boris, of course, is a friend of Cameron’s from their Bullingdon Club days at Eton.

Labour’s plan is to portray the Conservatives as the party of the privileged few, linking their leader’s private school background to their plans to help an elite, wealthy minority rather than the average household.  Whether it will work remains to be seen.  This approach did not, of course, stop an old Etonian from becoming the Mayor of London, did it?


  • Hasan says:

    All Tories are not Boris and vice versa. 🙂

  • Jdog says:

    Not sure who wrote this article! But there’s plenty of mistakes, grammatical and factual. The Bullingdon Club was at Oxford for a start. Please check before you post!

  • guestwriter says:

    I wrote the piece, and wrote the word ‘at’ instead of ‘and’ between ‘Bullingdon Club’ and ‘Eton’.

    I’ve been birched by the Boriswatch Ed for the error.

    I’m struggling to see the ‘plenty of grammatical and factual errors, though….. 🙁

  • guestwriter says:

    and yes, I did forget to close the ‘ ‘ in that last comment, before I am accused of more grammatical errors…!!!!

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