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You Were Only Meant To Blow The Bloody Doors Off

By August 7, 2009News
I delivered your Daily Star earlier, Ma'am

I delivered your Daily Star earlier, Ma'am

Boris’ obsession with getting everyone in London onto the saddle of a bicycle continues apace this weekend with the first Skyride Hounslow.

Although it sounds a lot like somewhere you’d stay when flying out of Heathrow Airport, the event on Sunday is expected to attract 10,000 cyclists as the streets of West London are closed for a day. The aim is to give cyclists a traffic-free experience on London’s roads and to encourage more bicycle use.  A ten kilometre route around parks and historic buildings will be closed to traffic to allow Londoners to enjoy the sights and sounds of this part of the capital without being chased by irate taxi drivers or forced off the road by gigantic SUVs.

The event will run from 11am to 4pm and in addition to the Mayor, gold medal winning cyclist Jamie Staff will join the throng.  The event is a precursor to the central London Skyride on 20th September and in his best fake Cockney accent Bozza added, “Hounslow is blessed with some of the most fantastic green spaces, and to misquote Michael Caine ‘not a lot of people know that’.”

Next week, BoJo talks about the Crossrail service whilst pretending to be Sean Connery. Not to be missed…

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  • Boris LUVVIN! says:

    He should do his own bike hire points around London or some thing … with seats that have wigs attached to them just like his own hair as a symbolic emblem

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