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Hefty rear ends

By August 10, 2009News
The new buses will be about this high....

The new buses will be about this high....

A leading research centre* has established that 98.3% of Boris’ time as London Mayor is taken up with matters of transport.  Not content with mentioning the word “bicycle” in every single sentence uttered to the general public, Bozza’s war on the humble, innocent “bendy bus” continues apace.  One can only reason that an ancestor of the Mayor’s was once cruelly denied transit by such a vehicle (or that one ran over Mrs Johnson’s shopping in 2001) as he really doesn’t like them very much.

It has been announced that the Shepherd’s Bush bendy bus (try saying that after several bottles of pinot grigio) will be retired by the end of 2011, four years early. Boris was positively gleeful, saying, “Bendy buses on other routes are on borrowed time and I can confirm they will all have gone by 2011.”

He continued, in that inimitable language, “These writhing whales of the road have swung their hefty rear ends round our corners for the final time.”

Not strictly true, considering they are going to be in operation for another two years, but we get your point. Although we are not really surprised to see them phased out if it’s only their rear ends that are being swung around the corners. Sounds like a Health and Safety issue to us.

(* Boriswatch Towers)

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