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Obama, Rudd, Major and….Johnson?

By July 31, 2009News

We at Boriswatch Towers always like a good “top ten” list and when our very own Boris makes it to such a list it’s normally time to crack open the Blue Nun in celebration.  At first, BoJo’s latest inclusion in such a rundown seemed to be somewhat negative, but considering the company he is keeping we think he’s done well to make it to the list.

Yes, Bozza has been named in the “Top Ten Swearing Politicians.”

His particular “f”-fuelled tirade was directed at Keith Vaz, the Labour chair of the Commons Home Affairs committee after Vaz called the Mayor “uncooperative” and “confused”.  Boris’ telephone call to Vaz apparently contains ten instances of the “f” word although a surprisingly accurate transcript of the conversation has led many to question whether the call was taped, which is against Parliamentary protocol.

Whilst it is a robust amount of industrial language, Boris only just makes the top Ten list behind such political luminaries as Aussie PM Kevin Rudd (used the term “s**t-storm” in a TV interview), Barack Obama (his narrated memoirs include a number of, er, unrepeatable moments) and John Major’s famous use of the term “b**tards” to describe members of his Cabinet.

What we at the Towers particularly love about this story is whilst Vaz’s transcript contains several uses of the “f” word, it does not include a word that Boris does admit to having used in the conversation.  BoJo confesses to using the absolutely brilliant term “cock-o-maniac” during the call, which we here at BHQ have added to our lexicon of insults for future usage.

Johnson’s F Word


  • Missy E says:

    I think it’s a little unfair for Boris to be in the group of swearing politicians – he’s a fine master of the English language!

  • angela says:

    David Cameron must be in the list now, because he said “twat” and other bad word.

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