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When Boris Met Dave

By July 28, 2009News
"How do we look, Bozza?"  "Ridiculous, Dave."

"How do we look, Bozza?" "Ridiculous, Dave."

After the controversy surrounding Boris’ forthcoming appearance on popular BBC drama [read “soap” – Boriswatch Ed] Eastenders, Channel Four are now facing accusations of a lack of impartiality in the run up to the next General Election.

Hamish Mykura, head of digital channel More 4 and of documentaries across the Channel Four group has just commissioned the ninety minute drama When Boris Met Dave which is likely to be aired in the autumn, prompting angry reactions from (interestingly) Tory MP’s who believe it will affect voters decisions in the forthcoming election.

Bozza will be played by 26 year old Christian Brassington who, oddly, played Tony Blair in a 2006 drama entitled Tony Blair: Rock Star.  Cameron will be portrayed by 24 year old Jonny Sweet.  The drama will be penned by Toby Young, the bestselling author of How To Lose Friends And Alienate People and will focus on the school and university lives of the long-time friends from Eton to Oxford.  Of course Channel Four has a history of dramatizing politicians’ real lives having aired the story of Brown and Blair’s relationship in 2003’s The Deal.

We at Boriswatch Towers are looking forward to seeing a dramatisation of the young Boris but we can’t really see how it could be accused of any sort of political bias.  Is a drama about the lives of two well-known figures twenty years ago really going to alter people’s voting intentions?

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