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Boris Flies the Flag

By April 24, 2009News

After yesterday’s celebrations, the Guardian has reported on Boris’s latest words about what Englishness is all about — this time, that we should reclaim the St George Cross to stop it being the prerogative of the BNP. He certainly has a point: most of the complaints that come linked with a resurgence of support for the April celebration focus on worries that it will be linked to a nationalism that has become somewhat tarnished by its association with groups that preach the lofty and ill-considered goal of England Ãœber Alles.

However, Boris is right. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we shouldn’t let the prejudicial minority spoil it for the many (especially with the news in the article that the British National Party could gain seats at the European elections in June). By all means, let’s keep the flag flying, and celebrate Englishness for its unifying traits, not its ability to exclude.

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