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Happy St George’s Day

By April 23, 2009April 24th, 2009News

A happy St George’s Day to all our loyal readers from everyone here at BorisWatch Towers!

Inkeeping with the tone of the festivities (and as a sop to the current labour laws… something to do with exploitation of workers), we’ve let the interns have the day off, and we’ll be joining them shortly in order to make the most of the fine weather and celebrate what being English is really all about. Of course, with the events Boris has laid on all across the Capital, there’s no shortage of things to do this week, so be sure to let your red cross fly, your inner Englishman stand proud, and celebrate this sceptred isle for all it’s worth.

How did you spend your St George’s Day? Was it the national celebration you’d hoped for and so richly deserved, or — in the tradition of British summer festivities — a bit of a damp squib? Let us know in the comments.

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