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Trust Matters

By April 19, 2009News

A recent survey conducted by YouGov found that more people trust Boris to keep his promises than the Prime Minister, with almost double the number of people choosing BoJo’s word over that of Mr Brown in terms of how likely it is to come to pass.

As good as this news is, the actual percentage of people who trust Boris’s word stands at a staggering(-ly low) 20%. Now we’re all for a healthy dose of cynicism here at BorisWatch Towers (although our compatriots over at that other Boriswatch site would no doubt disagree on that one), but can it really be the case that four out of five people surveyed don’t think that Boris will match up to his promises? Say it isn’t so, Great British Public!

As he nears the end of his first year in office, let’s hope that Boris’s perceived trustworthiness increases with time. It would, after all, be rather nice to have a politician we could believe for a change.


  • angela says:

    I think miles more than 20% of people trust Boris, it is just that not that many people do quizes. If you asked the whole country, the percentage is bound to be miles higher. Boris and David Cameron are the most trusted politicians in Britain, they ought to add William Hague to the list, I totally trust him.

    Smeargate has mightily rebounded in the faces of the the people perpetrating it. The public have cottoned on just how nasty and untrue these lies can be. I was disgusted when at first instead of saying that the smears about David Cameron were absolute lies, Gordon said they were “unfounded allegations”. So nasty. It is justice that the nastiness has bounced back in their nasty little faces, This is what is meant by Instant Karma, so listen to the song on YouTube by john Lennon.

  • catherine says:

    More people trust the cat than the Prime Minister.

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