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A Brighter Shade of Green

By April 19, 2009News

As you’ll no doubt have heard, the Damian Green debacle has run out of steam (even if it hasn’t come to a complete stop yet) with the news that Green was innocent of any wrongdoing. Of course, this is good news for Boris, who many feared had made a disastrous decision in commenting on the whole affair when it happened. For a full rundown of the events of recent days (seriously, there are pages of articles), anyone who’s interested could do a lot worse than to check out Google’s news feed. Of course, it’s likely that the picture will become a lot clearer over the next few days, and so you can expect regular updates on how this affects our dear old Mayor.

Hopefully now Mr Green — and by extension, Boris — can put this whole ghastly mess behind them and focus on the future, both political and personal.

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  • prj45 says:

    Of course, this is good news for Boris

    Why is it good news? Boris has already been reprimanded in quite strong terms about his behaviour and the decision surrounding Green has not nullified this reprimand.

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