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Boris and Ken slip out the back…

By May 3, 2008Mayor

Having spent all evening Boriswatching down outside City Hall it must be said the immediate aftermath of the election was a bit of an anticlimax – despite the absolutely splendid result.

By midnight a few hundred or so people lined the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of their candidate. Whist Paddick and Berry left via the front door, at just after one in the morning the police informed the crowd that Boris and Ken had left the building.

Perhaps it was the loud baying mob of creatures wearing BNP rosettes that put them off, perhaps they were in a hurry to catch last orders or perhaps the final stage of the handover consisted of Ken showing Boris his secret escape hatch or underground whisky store. Who knows for sure, however the next few months should prove to be an orgy of interest for Boriswatchers.


  • raincoaster says:

    You don’t think Ken knocked him on the head with a blackjack and swapped him for an android replicant in all the confusion? Ha!

  • churstonchappie says:

    Well done Boris !… was the result ever in doubt ?.
    What next. Leadership of the Conservative Party and PM perhaps.

  • raincoaster says:

    That’s Cameron’s nightmare for sure. Cameron, come to think of it, has good reason to put a ceiling on what Boris can do as mayor. The last thing he needs is someone in a position of power who’s also getting the good will of the people. Makes Dave look a bit of a lame duck. Perhaps there will be a passive-aggressive PR campaign, or perhaps he’ll use those symbiots he installed in Boris’ staff to undermine him on-site.

    In any case, never trust a PR man even as far as you can throw him.

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