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By May 2, 2008May 4th, 2008Mayor, News

He’s done it! Undercover word has reached us (7pm) that Boris has won the race to be Mayor of London, scoring a commanding lead over his rival Ken Livingstone. It will be confirmed soon.
This is a new golden era for Boriswatchers everywhere. He has attained one of the highest political positions in the country, and is the powerful Conservative politician in the land.  I’ve been privy to the many, many messages of support coming into Boris over the last few weeks, and it’s clear that many people – even in other countries – will be ecstatic.
I’m off to crack open some much-needed bubbly and celebrate this momentous day. Cheers, Boriswatchers!

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UPDATE 8.30pm: The Evening Standard, Sky News and The Telegraph have now called it for Boris!

Here is David Cameron’s response to the election of Mayor Boris:


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