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Reactions from around the world (and the blogosphere)

By May 3, 2008News

Boriswatch seems to be getting a bit more traffic this morning for some reason. So to keep the punters happy here’s a round up of all the juicy gossip, comment and toy throwing that’s hitting the headlines today.

From Canada, long time Boriswatcher and uber-blogger Raincoaster worries about “cricket louts and derby-topped swarms of bankers … looking for trouble”. She’s not at her best this morning, my guess is that she’s been celebrating through the night on the Sauvignon, coz we all know she fancies the pants offa Bozza! Read more classic Raincoaster on Boris here (highly recommended reading).

Guardian columnist John Harris spits his dummy out here, stating that the electorate are “out of kilter with developments in the real world” because they didn’t vote the same way he did. I’m sure we don’t need to elaborate on the fuzzy logic, but feel free to do so yourselves in the comments!

David Blunketts Sun column from April 30th makes entertaining reading in hindsight. Blunkett warns it wound not be very British of us to kick GB when he is down. Just what version of British political history has he been reading?

Boris gains a crucial ally on the London Assembly in the form of staunch supporter James Cleverley. James was elected for Bexley and Bromley with a massive majority. Meanwhile Tory bigwig John Redwood criticises the PR system that has also handed assembly seats to the BNP, Greens and Lib Dems despite none of them winning in any particular area. Will the minor parties make trouble for Bozza from the back of the class?

Onto a different kind of PR and Public Relations Consultant, Tory and star-blogger Ellee Seymour points out that 7 out of 10 PR agencies predicted a Livingstone victory. Really? Who’d ever have thought PR people talk out of their rear ends?

Any more interesting stuff out there fellow Boriswatchers? Drop the links below!


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