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Friends of Boris

By November 15, 2004News

“Friend of Boris” were last night lining up to support him. Rod Liddle espouses Boris as the “greatest journalist I have ever worked with” (here’s the link) and Nicholas Soames weighs in (quite literally) with promises that Boris will be back on the political scene (here’s that link).
For anyone that is worried about Boris’s sense of humour disappearing, that final link above will give you some cheer. “Asked how he was feeling,” it reports, “he replied: ‘Tremendous, little short of superb. On cracking form.’


  • Andrew Denny says:

    Not surprised Boris is on cracking form. So would I be if I was simply in the same room as Petronella Wyatt, let alone any closer!

  • AdamNEmma says:

    Boris is the only Conservative worth listening to, in our opinions.

  • Anthony says:

    Well blow me. Michael Howard has just proved to me what I’ve always suspected; he is unelectable as a prime minister. Chin up Boris!!

  • Guido Fawkes says:

    Boris telling porkies would be naughty and mean Howard had to sack him.

    Why Boris didn’t tell Howard “Yes, I’m shagging the mad skinny, Hungarian hack, please don’t make me minister for the family” I don’t know.

  • powermax says:

    The Conservative Party leadership said its decision to sack Boris was not based on a moral judgment of his behaviour, but on its belief that, in denying the reports, he had lied.

    With his mop of blond hair, battered bicycle and trademark crumpled suits, Johnson is one of the most colourful and instantly recognisable figures in British politics. His sacking is a big mistake by the Conservative leader as Boris is probably their most powerful tool for attracting the younger generation towards the party.

    Boris for PM!!!

  • Dan says:

    Howard has just urinated on his own chips.

    Hopefully, after the Tories lose the next election, Boris will be elected and become PM in 2009.


  • John says:

    Heh, another Tory leadership change, wow what are they trying to do, give every single Tory MP a go. Howard was a mistake, but IDS wasn’t that good either.

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