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Thanks, Plans and Begging Bowls

By November 14, 2004Site News

1. Thanks for all the input over the last couple days – it seems the 10,000 visitors since Friday, 90 emails and many, many positive comments shows that Bozzamania is still alive and well! There’s even plans afoot over on the forum for a march in support of Boris…
2. However, your lovely visits are battering my server in no uncertain terms. I’d like to draw your attention to this donation link, where you can send a few bob in support of the site so that it can keep running and conquer those bandwidth bills. Of course, if you don’t think the site deserves it, that’s absolutely fine. Why not email Boriswatch with any criticisms, and we’ll see what we can do.
3. Just a final note – I notice that several of you have jumped into action, and there are plans to start a website supporting Boris. Well, I ought to tell you there are plans afoot already – almost complete, in fact – for a Boris website solely geared to supporting Boris. It’ll fit nicely between Boriswatch and the official Boris Johnson site, we hope. Until then, keep posting and commenting – it’ll keep Boris’s spirits up!

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