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Any Questions?

By November 15, 2004News

I’m very pleased to say that I’m off to meet Boris tomorrow. It may even be possible to discuss you fine Boriswatch people, and that got me wondering: what questions would you like to ask Boris? Any no controversial ones, please – you know they’ll be refused.
No guarantees, of course, but I’ll try to put them across…
UPDATE: Comments are now closed. Thanks!


  • Lex & Figgy says:

    Do you think you will ever hold a role in the shadow cabinet or even the actually cabinet (if hopefully the conservative get in)?

  • John says:

    Will he send me a coconut 😡

  • Worried says:

    If comments were splashed across the popular press outing some private concern which affected a man’s wife, four children and another woman, would a gentleman not be correct in dissmissing the allegations as false?

    It is possible that Mr Johnson was merely protecting those close to him. Maybe Ms Wyatt had not been aware (or not warned him) that her mother had validated the stories.

    John Major’s morality drive hid a personal affair, now I wonder….

  • ionicus says:

    Questions I’d love you to ask:
    1 Has Michael Howard gone raving mad or is he just jealous?
    2 What business is it of tabloids to poke their noses into people’s private lives?

    But they probably count as a bit controversial, so could you please ask if he still thinks he has as much chance of being Prime Minister as of being decapitated by a frisbee or of finding Elvis.

  • Envious says:

    What shampoo does Boris use? Is it Timotei?

  • Ed says:

    stay cool, boris. you’re an inspiration. I have your tshirt. (actually.. in light of current allegations, let me rephrase that: I have a tshirt with a picture of you on it.)

    Good luck.

  • Ed says:

    Oh, and did you really? Or is it just all tabloid twittery?

  • Howard Telford says:

    Ask him if he will promise us, his fans, that he will remain in Parliament and continue to provide a colourful and intelligent presence in a sea of bores.

    Ask him when he’s writing his next book.

    Ask him if he thinks the Tory progress under Michael Howard has been at all satisfactory.

    And finally let him know that if he ever needs to get away from the hounding British press, he has a friend in Chicago, USA.

  • Andrew Denny says:

    Any chance of the conservatives restoring hereditary peerages as a bulwark against elective dictatorship?

    Pretty please.

  • Natalie Harris says:

    Is Boris aware of the huge following he has with my peers, the first time voters? He is the first politician to appear genuine and passionate in as long as I can remember. In this current climate of disillusionment I hope Mr Howard will realise what a colossal mistake he has made in removing the key figure attracting interest in his party.

  • Maxi says:

    You’re a bright lad, Boris.

    Why didn’t you bonk an already married model — like wot Mickail did?

    (An already married model).

  • Alexander says:

    What is Boris’ opinion on possible world flashpoints in the future, like Iran, Syria and North Korea? And what should the US and the rest of the world do now, in thee wake of Iraq?

  • Andrew says:

    Why is orange jam called marmalade?

  • Fraser says:

    Are you booked to do this series of Have I Got News For You?

  • Richard Matthews says:

    As a lifelong Tory supporter, I must now rethink my allegiance. Michael Howard, in trying to beat New Labour at spin and crude electioneering platforms, has now broken this camel’s back.

    Boris is the one senior politician that comes across as a genuinely interested politician, rather than a sneaky lawyer, and for this break with monotony, he has paid the price.

    Start your own party Boris, I’ll bring the Bolly.

  • Paul Cook says:


    You’re a man of many talents, as we all know. To that we must now add Time Management. What with four children, a spot on the Tory front bench, the editorship of the finest publication known to man, regular TV spots, car reviews for GQ magazine, et cetera, ad infintum, simply finding the time for any extra-marital shenannigans is a feat worthy of admiration.

    Maybe some of the 3 1/2 hours spent as a management consultant wasn’t all wasted then…..

  • Recess Monkey has started a Boris for Leader campaign. If enough people approached him about this, would he consider making a leadership challenge?

    Recess Monkey

  • John says:

    Since I am a member of the Tory party, if he made a challenge, he would get my vote in the ballot.

  • aj says:

    Not for much longer John – read the papers today? The party are trying to stop us ordinary members from voting in leadership elections…..they’ve probably figured out that a lot of us would vote for Boris!!


  • John says:

    Pfffft they can do what they want, I never vote when they send me papers to do so. It is always about some under 18’s representitive, or Juniour something- which you never have a clue what they do, or what they stand for, or why they are standing and how it is going to affect you.

    Michael Howard is just running scared now, and he won’t win the next election, no matter how bad labour are, and I wouldn’t be suprised if they go down to the 3rd party :-/ Sad, but probably true.

  • GD says:

    Well it be interesting to find out pritty much anything from him, even discribing his sock draw would be fantastical I am sure.

    Actually if he was a crime fighter who would he be? I’m betting Coloumbo 😀

  • Mister Burn says:

    As it had become clear that Mr Johnson was unable to fulfil both his political and journalistic ambitions simultaneously, does this whole ‘affair’ affair not rather suit him?

    Back to the successful stewardship of The Spectator and wait until the Tories catch up with him?

  • Adam says:

    i have a few questions for boris, firstly can i say though that there is no way the tories will win anything without a charismatic leader, and that is why i think that it should be boris for PM.
    1. Why do dogs have wet noses?
    2. What is his favourite cheese
    3. If he was a superhero, which one would he be?
    Boris for PM

  • Ailz says:

    How do you keep your hair in such great condition?!
    Also, which part of being an MP do you get the most kicks out of?!

  • poons says:

    When is he going to “do an Anthony Wedgewood Benn” and defect to the left? You could give Tony a run for his money for sure…..

  • Mister Burn says:

    Does he prefer Petronellagate, Wyattgate or plain old Borisgate?

  • Richard says:

    Would Boris agree that one of Britain’s strong points is a healthy acceptance of individuality and eccentricity?

    From a U.K. resident and Dutchman.