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Boris Johnson – In The Flesh

By November 16, 2004News

It was once said that if everyone met John Major, they would all vote for him. Plainly no one did. The same quote, I happily confirm, can be uttered about Boris Johnson, although I imagine the majority of the country might vote for him, regardless of their politics. My meeting up in the House of Commons went wonderfully this afternoon, and accompanied by my friend Simon, several other interested parties and the wonderful Melissa, Boris’s private secretary, we discussed the issues of the day over lunch – how the Conservatives can do better, how they can attract more of the youth vote, and various topics along the way, ranging from farming to, bizarrely, shampoo. By the time Boris had finished his opening gambit, we had all finished our meal and Boris was resigned to a luke-warm pork dish – or “manly feast”, as he called lunch.
One thing that struck me was Boris’s loyalty to the party. Despite his sacking, the affair allegations, and the “shifting” of Spectator jobs, he is still very positive about the Conservative party, and still very eager to raise Michael Howard to the position of Prime Minister. “My mission is to help the Conservative Party get elected, concentrating on my Henley Constituency.” He pointed out that this meeting was about harvesting ideas, so that the party can help the swing voters decide the election (which, apparently, is totally possible). And all this while the events of the last few days stormily swirl around his head. The man is incredible.
I’m pleased to report that he is exactly the same in the flesh as he is on your television screen, and I’m equally pleased that he knows of Boriswatch and does indeed read it. He managed to get in a few quips about his “recent debacle” as he put it, and all around the table agreed that the party is far worse off without him on the front bench. I resisted fawning over him brilliantly.
So, on to your questions that you’ve put on the previous post. Melissa will be receiving a selection of them this evening, and hopefully Boris may be able to reply to at least some of them. Oh, and thanks to both Melissa and Boris for their hospitality this afternoon – really useful for both sides! It was unfortunate that the Alsation of Time drooled impatiently at our heels – there was so much more discussion to be had!
And a final word from those worried about the effect of the last few days on Boris’s “joie de vivre” – he really appears, at least outwardly, to be taking it all in his inimitable stride. Mild jokes about his current situation were a constant undertone, and he seems as into politics as he ever was. Keep supporting him, and I’ve no doubt he can produce the goods. Have no fear – Boris is still blustering along!


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