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Fit For A (Future) King

By August 10, 2013News

What do these things have in common?:

  • A cot blanket embroidered by Spanish nuns
  • A collection of Roald Dahl stories
  • A three year old apple tree
  • A tricycle in the style of a London bike hire cycle

Yes, that’s right. They are all the main prizes in the brand new National Lottery Saturday night show.

[They’re not really. They are the gifts bestowed upon the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby, Prince George, by leading political figures – Boriswatch Ed]

Ed Miliband bought the tree which, according to the Telegraph, ‘currently has apples on it and it was grown at a London orchard project called BEST, or Brent Eleven Streets.’ Nick Clegg bought the embroidered cot blanket and David Cameron invested in the Roald Dahl collection (available for £15.99 online).

Having bought William and Kate a Barclays bike hire themed tandem for their wedding, Boris has now added a tiny Boris-trike to the family collection.

Although, when asked about the gift, the Mayor seemed, er, a little unsure. “I don’t know actually,” he said. “I’m using the present tense because I think it has gone. I’m looking around…I think it has gone. I’m not certain actually. I’m afraid I haven’t personally been out shopping. I imagine it’s a beautiful blue.”

Asked if the tricycle is sponsored by Barclays he said: “It might well be. That was what I was told. Thank goodness. It’s not in my briefing. I wasn’t briefed on baby presents.

“My memory is and I’m glad it has been confirmed we are sending Prince George a beautiful, bouncing blue tricycle to get him on the bike at the earliest possible opportunity and to acculturate him to the joy of cycling.”

The Mayor added: “It will be beautiful whatever it is.”

Later, City Hall revealed a picture of the tricycle in all its glory.

Boris TrikePainted in the same blue colour scheme as the regular bikes, it carries the number 220713 to represent the Prince’s date of birth as well as his name in place of the cycle-hire logo.

A gift fit for a Prince, clearly.

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