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Still The Favourite, But Beware The Gove

By August 4, 2013News

Spectator Magazine's Parliamentarian of the Year AwardsA new poll of Tory members has found that Boris remains the most popular choice to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative party. But, while the Mayor of London was the clear favourite in May, he’s now being reeled in by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.

A survey of more than 700 grassroots members by the ConservativeHome website found that 21 per cent want Bozza to succeed Mr Cameron. However, 20 per cent now favour Mr Gove, while 16.5 per cent inexplicably want Theresa May, the Home Secretary. 15 per cent would like William Hague, the Foreign Secretary to return as leader of the party while 14 per cent think that hell will freeze over and that they’ll get David Davis, the former shadow Home Secretary.

It’s quite a change from the last poll just three months ago. Then, Bozza was the clear leading choice on 30 per cent with Mr Gove on 7 per cent, Mr Davis and Mr Hague on 16 per cent and Mrs May on 12 per cent.

In a stance reminiscent of Jim Hacker in Yes, Minister (shortly before he became PM) Mr Gove insists he does not want to be prime minister and is not cut out for the job. However, the Independent reports that some Tory MPs believe he does not want to be seen as angling for the leadership and could be persuaded to stand if there were a vacancy.

Still, Boris is the man to beat. And: Michael Gove. Really?

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