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By May 9, 2013News

Boris shorts

He’s received many awards in his time and now the Mayor of London has received yet another accolade (#accolade). Yes, Bozza has been awarded the title of Twitter’s coolest politician by Heat‘s Twitter awards (#heattwitterawards).

(Yes, a magazine runs an awards ceremony on Twitter. Categories include Best TV Personality – won by Philip Schofield with insights such as “I love a crumpet” and “Steph has decided to pickle radishes” – Friendliest Tweeter, Best Rant and Most Random #whatistheworldcomingto).

Boris regularly tweets from the account @MayorofLondon and received thousands of votes to take the title. He beat off (#beatoff) competition from David Cameron and former Deputy PM John Prescott who both finished as runners up (#losers).

Boris commented on the award saying; “I am delighted but bewildered how a middle-aged man like myself with a penchant for cycling slowly could be seen as being cool.”





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  • Jay says:

    One can’t go broke betting on the stupidity of the masses. As I understand it, the internet, similar networks and the world wide web have existed for decades. During that entire time it has been possible to publish text to large audiences.
    Twitter’s contribution, as I understand it then, is in restricting the flexibility and dynamism of those networks for its users – forcing them to publish in short, illegible blocks of 140 characters.
    #beatoff, indeed. Twitter is one big tug-job for its users and share-holders.

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