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Bang On The Money

By January 24, 2013News

Cameron BorisSo, the Prime Minister has finally clarified his position on Europe. If he wins the next General Election and he’s still Prime Minster after that and if (and this is a big if) he can negotiate repatriated powers from the European Union that satisfy him and (and this is another big if) his party then he will give the British people a chance to decide whether they want to stay in Europe. If he’s still alive, Europe still exists and everyone hasn’t died of boredom, that is.

Boris believes that the MP is ‘bang on the money’ and invented a word to show his support. “What most sensible people want is to belong to the single market but to lop off the irritating excrescences of the European Union,’ he said. “There are a lot of other countries around that want to see reform. I think it’s going to be much simpler than people expect to get a better deal.”



However, Boris stopped short of backing a ‘yes’ vote in a potential in/out in/out shakeitallabout referendum. When asked by Bloomberg TV whether he would vote ‘yes’ in a referendum, he said: “I couldn’t say now. But my overwhelming instinct would be that we can get sufficient changes, reforms and improvements to the treaty to make it sensible for most people in my country to vote to stay in the single market.”

The Mayor made the comments while in Davros at the World Economic Forum. Bozza described the WEF as ‘a great big constellation of egos involved in massive mutual orgies of adulation’ but said he believed the meeting was important because ‘you do meet people who you can encourage to invest in London.’

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