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The Twitter King

By December 12, 2012News

Boris dancing Olympics2012 has been a magnificent year for Britain. So, when Twitter this week revealed the most talked-about events on the social media site this year, what do you suppose came out on top?

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, perhaps? Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis winning Olympic Gold medals? Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France? Andy Murray at the US Open?

No. It turns out that our very own Boris was the most talked-about event of 2012 with Twitter users. The Mayor dancing along to the Spice Girls at the Olympic Games closing ceremony has been revealed as Twitter’s biggest trending topic in 2012, ahead of wars, conflict and major sporting achievements.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘The London Mayor’s dance with David Cameron and Samantha Cameron got Twitter users more exercised than England’s penalty exit from Euro 2012, which was the year’s second-biggest talking point.’

Twitter also revealed that The Hunger Games was the most talked-about film of 2012 (ahead of Skyfall) whilst the Paralympics was sport’s most popular trending topic.

And, it was a decent year on Twitter for Bozza the politician. The Mayor was the sixth most talked-about politician on the social media site in 2012, behind Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron and Ed Miliband, but ahead of Nick Clegg.

Sadly, Boris did not complete a hat-trick by posting the most re-tweeted message on the site. That honour went to Barack Obama, whose “Four more years” tweet following his re-election as US President was the most re-tweeted message ever.


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  • Richard Jones says:

    I tried to ask Boris a question on one of his #askboris twitter dates but was drowned out by the sheer number of other people tweeting. I have no idea how many but it was relentless.

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