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Boris in Bollywood

By December 3, 2012News

It must be nice to be able to fly around the world and see some lovely far-flung locations all in the name of work. I once had to go to the end of the Northern Line for a Boris press event, but that’s nothing compared to the six days the Mayor has spent drumming up investment from India.

Well. Boris has been to India on a business trip. However, you can be forgiven for thinking that it looked like a giant jolly, considering the pictures of the Mayor that have been published. Boris playing football. Boris playing cricket. Boris on India’s equivalent of the David Letterman show. Boris posing with a bronze replica of a bull (don’t ask).

The Labour Party certainly think that the Mayor should have been spending more of his time drumming up investment for the UK. A source told the Daily Mail: “Boris should spend less time on Bollywood dancing, cricket and football and more time meeting Indian business people. Taxpayers wanting getting jobs not on a glorified jolly.”

The Mayor claims he has been furthering Britain’s interests while in India: even if they are not all sure who he is. Some believe he is tennis star Boris Becker while others think he’s the King of England (well, there’s surely time.)

“‘One businessman said to me this morning that he loved London, he loved the quality of life in London. There are so many attractions of living in London that you can’t find anywhere else. That is a very high card,” he told reporters.

“But another businessman asked about making London more attractive in terms of tax and regulation and certainly the tax regime. As I have said many times before, that needs to be looked at.”

Bozza’s solution to this tax dilemma was to call on his Conservative colleague George Osborne to cut the top rate of income tax. He said: “You’ve got tax rates here of only 30 per cent – a point George Osborne might like to brood on. It’s 10 per cent for freelance income, and of course you have a market of about 600 million people under 25.”
It was a brief press conference, though. The Mayor had a far more pressing engagement: meeting up with Kevin Pietersen and handing out some cricket gear to some Indian kids…

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