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Fumbling Austrian cyborgs

By October 19, 2012News

One’s a handsome blonde with a film star image, oodles of charisma and has enjoyed considerable political success over the last few years. The other is, well – insert your own joke here.

Boris and Arnie haven’t always seen eye to eye. Remember the character Boris played in Terminator 2: Judgement Day? He went to to toe with Arnie and well, let’s just say it didn’t end well for Bozza [Are you sure about this? – Boriswatch Film Editor]

The Daily Mirror reports that Arnie previously described one of the floppy haired toff’s speeches as “fumbling” while Johnson hit back during a speech at a Conservative rally last week, labelling the Hollywood actor an “Austrian cyborg”.

Now, however, the ex-Governator has revealed that he would vote for Boris as Prime Minister (if, of course, he was eligible to vote in the UK, Boris was Conservative leader and the voting system was changed so we elected a Prime Minster rather than voting for a local MP, totting up the MP numbers from each party – you get the picture).

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Arnie said: “He has the qualities which are essential for a leader. For politicians, it’s all about personality. Boris is charming, he’s funny, and he’s very clever.”

The Mirror also reports that the former bodybuilder has warned current Prime Minister David Cameron against copying Johnson’s leadership style in order to win public support. Schwarzenegger told The Spectator: “Cameron must not try to imitate Johnson. It would be a disaster. Johnson is authentic. It has to be organic. Cameron must just be himself.”

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