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Cutting Ones Own Hair

By June 11, 2012News

Picture from The Guardian

“So”, says US talk show icon David Letterman. “How long have you been cutting your own hair…?”

Boris was recently a guest on the Letterman show (video here) on a private trip to New York to plug his new book, Johnson’s Life of London. During the interview, the Mayor was grilled about his hair, his ambitions and his transport policies. And, Bozza appeared to hint at a planned return to the days of getting wellied and falling off a bus.

Hailing the new Routemaster bus, Bozza said: “Do you remember you could get drunk and fall over backwards?  And that was banned in the name of health and safety and we’ve now restored that.”

Wow. We can now have too many cans of Special Brew and fall off the back of a bus. 21st century thinking in action, there.

And, when asked about his political ambitions, Johnson was – as usual – coy. First relying on his oft-used remark that he has “as much chance as being reincarnated as an olive” as being a future prime minister, Boris then said: “I suppose I could but as you have already pointed out I could be president of the United States, technically speaking. I think there are limits to the credulity of our audience.” (Boris was born in New York, of course).

And, on the subject of his tousled mop, Boris was more reflective. When asked by Letterman if he thought his hair was holding him back, he replied: “Do you know, until you mentioned it tonight, I’d never regarded it as a drawback…”

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